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Covid-19 In Office and Cleaning Procedures

Quality Family Physicians meets all customer protection standards.  We are following the guidelines set by the State of Delaware. We have take the following steps:

  • Designed a COVID-19 office management plan that includes patient flow, triage, treatment and design
  • Prepared for office staff illness, absences, and/or quarantine. Physicians have planned for increased absenteeism rate.
  • Cross-trained staff for all essential office and medical functions.
  • Reviewed proper office and medical cleaning routines.
  • Discontinued the use of toys, magazines, and other shared items in waiting areas, as well as office items shared among patients, such as pens, clipboards, phones, etc.
  • Dedicated equipment is cleaned with appropriate cleaning solutions for each patient. Consider the use of disposable equipment when possible (e.g., blood pressure cuffs)
  • Dedicated sick and healthy exam rooms.


  • For all in-office appointments, providers call the patients to review history before they come into the office.
  • Patients are screened to determine which exam room they will be seen..
  • Patients with respiratory symptoms and fever will be assigned a ventilated room.
  • After delivering care, exit the room as quickly and directly as possible (i.e., complete documentation in clean area).
  • Clean room and all medical equipment completely with appropriate cleaning solutions.
  • Vulnerable patients are encouraged to schedule our telehealth visits.
  • All patients are required to wear a mask.
  • Patients should come alone to appointments, unless assistance is needed (please limit to 1 person).


  • Disinfecting frequently touched surfaces and objects. Example, doorknobs, light switches, drawer pulls, tables, sinks, faucet and toilet handles.
  • Cleaning patient rooms after every patient with alcohol based cleaners and cleaners that the FDA recommends.
  • Disinfecting environmental surfaces and shared equipment before the room is used for another patient.
  • Every patient room has handwashing sinks have clean running water, soap and paper towels at all times.
  • Every patient room and common areas has alcohol-based hand sanitizers to increase hand hygiene.
  • Each room is cleaned thoroughly with alcohol based cleaners at the end of each day. The rooms that are used for possible COVID patients are cleaned more including wipe down of walls and windows.