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Covid-19 Antibody Testing Update - May 2020

We are aware of the COVID-19 Antibody Testing availability through local private labs.

However, we are currently not ordering the the COVID-19 antibody test at this time due to the lack of guidance in interpreting the results of the test.

We are working closely with the Delaware Public Health and waiting on the instructions on how to implement the appropriate testing of our patients during this COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have any questions on medications to change or possible treatment options, please contact the office.

Currently, we are NOT recommending any medications to be changed.

Do not stop your immunotherapy, blood pressure medications, chronic use NSAIDS or other medications without contacting the prescribing physicians.

Medications that may be used in the future, will be triaged for patients with symptoms AND positive testing if appropriate.

Remember we have a limited amount of resources and OUR most vulnerable patients are our first priority.

We will continue to stay on top of the ever-changing medical data and will keep you all informed.