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Current Covid-19 Testing Requirements - March 2020

Due to limited COVID-19 testing availability, currently our policy is to screen patients with symptoms, high-risk possible exposure or contact, and underlying immune-compromised patients before orders are given. Even if an order is given, there is no guarantee that you will be able to be tested within 1-2 days. Current testing itself can take 3-4 days or more to get results back.

Therefore, we are focusing on patients that will possibly need hospitalization if infected with the COVID-19 as our high priority.

We understand the anxiety this virus is causing with the feeling of the “I need to know…” However, we would recommend the steps below, even if you are consider exposed, mild case, etc. Currently the time period is 14 days to monitor for symptoms. Also the virus can live up to 72 hours on certain surfaces to continue wash and wipe down surfaces in the house. Also remember to stay hydrated with water.

1. If no symptoms – SELF-MONITORING: This is practicing social distancing, working from home, and limiting outside world exposure and continuing the washing of hand, etc.

2. If symptoms but mild (cough, diarrhea) – SELF-ISOLATION: Stay home, treat symptoms, minimize contact with any people in the family. Wash and sanitize everything continually. People are allowed in the same house.

3. If COVID-19 positive with mild symptoms –SELF –QUARANTINE: Patient should be at home, limited to one space. If possible, limit the people in the house to someone who can take care of you. The caretaker should limit direct contact. Continue to practice good hygiene as self-isolation.

4. If COVID-19 with severe symptoms: Please contact the office for this – we will refer you to the hospital if appropriate.