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Our New Website and Portal

In concert with the launch of migrating our electronic medical records system to AthenaHealth, a leader in health management solutions for doctor’s offices, we have also launched our new website!

Our New Website URL (Please Update your Bookmarks!)

AthenaHealth QFP Secure Patient Portal URL:
(You will be able to access this from our new website by clicking on the QFP Secure Portal button at the top of the screen.)

Please note: You will need to re-register on the new AthenaHealth Portal.

Note: The old patient portal was be accessible until December 7, 2020 and is no longer active.

Instructions of how to attach a picture to the new portal

  1. Log in to the portal, using your email and password
  2. On the home page, under messages, select provider (you may select any provider)
  3. Choose office location – main office
  4. In the subject line, please choose “My Profile”
  5. In the message box, you can write a message stating you are providing us with the COVID vaccination record card.
  6. Click on attach files and select the picture of the card.
  7. Click on send a message.